Hydroseeding (also known as hydraseeding or hydromulching) enables us to seed embankments that are far to steep to seed conventionally. We can also seed wildflowers and specialist tree seed mixes that can be tailored to suite individual needs.Below is a example of an erosion control project that was to steep to seed conventionally, using specifically developed tacifier we are able to facilitate growth on the most difficult of terrain.

Our Hydraulic seeding techniques are designed to cover a wide range of site conditions from open cast coal sites to urban landscaping. Our skilled workforce utilize state of the art equipment mounted on four wheel drive vehicles enabling us to tackle the most difficult of terrain. Whilst our landrover drawn Hydroseeders enable us to travel further and faster and allows us to undertake a wide range of projects.


The main advantages of hydroseeding are:

  • It provides the optimum environment for germination
  • Constituents within the mulch provide ground stabilisation
  • Establishment of vegetation on poor hostile soils and difficult sites where traditional methods of seeding would be very slow or impossible

As a company we provide a comprehensive service from site investigations, enabling detailed discussions, programming and specification, to implementation of the works and aftercare. We can tailor the seeding to specific requirements, grass seeding, wild flower, tree and shrub seeding.Many of our sites have developed from being temporary ground covers to native flora, scrub or young woodland, these plant communities promoting successful ecological development.